What is That in Your Hand?

Being a good steward of what’s already in your hands!

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I shared on Instagram my “word” for 2020- the year of vision. That word comes from Exodus 4: 2

Then the Lord said to [Moses], “What is that in your hand?”

If you read the entire book of Exodus, but specifically chapter 4, you will see that God called Moses to go and deliver His people from slavery in Egypt. Moses had so many excuses as to why he couldn’t complete the daunting task God had set out for him and even requested The LORD send another person. In the fourth chapter of Exodus, God revealed to Moses that he had exactly what he needed to not only complete the task, but also prove to everyone that Jehovah God was on their side.

This word for 2020 came to me by revelation as I was praying during the end of 2019 concerning being a better steward of the things I already own. I told God I felt I lacked the resources needed to accomplish certain tasks. The Lord brought this verse to my memory while in the shower praying and it shifted my 2020 before I was even ushered into the new year.

Perhaps maybe you’re like me and Moses, and you find yourself making excuses for the things you don’t have to do that which you want or need to do. The Lord is telling you to look into your hands. If  you have vision and not just sight, you will see that all that you need is already in your hands. Our God is such a God of provision, that He causes the ordinary rod in your hands to became a serpent when it is cast down.

In 2019, you made excuses about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t start a blog, but in 2020, you need to look into your hands. Looking into my hands has caused me to overcome my fears, land 4 and almost 5 figure campaigns, and be in front of national television shows. Looking into my hands has allowed me to teach and provide the resources needed for others to start a blog as well.

If you want to look into and cast down that which is in your hands this year so that you too can profitably blog, you need to join my 2020 blogging cohorts. The first one of the new year starts in February. I’m limited attendees this year because last year, unfortunately, I was not able to focus on each cohort member the way that I want to.

The course will be 7 days and includes course books and videos needed to start and set up your own blog. I show you how to make money on social media, and land top campaigns without many followers. You’ll be joined to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and foster relationships with other cohort members. In the blogging industry, it’s all about relationships! The more people you know, the more campaign deals you secure!

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