An Honest Review of Happiest Baby’s SNOO Sleeper

Giving an in- depth review of the SNOO Sleeper from Happiest Baby.

It’s true what they say about spoiling your first born child vs. the subsequent children. While I only have one child- Chloe who is now 3 months old- I’ve already realized how many things I have purchased impulsively that weren’t necessary. The great thing about these regretful impulse buys is that they weren’t too expensive. One item that I considered a bit on the splurge side that I purchased for Chloe was Happiest Baby’s SNOO Sleeper.

While pregnant, I did research on the best baby bassinets and came across the SNOO Smart Sleeper. Created by the famous Dr. Harvey Karp, the SNOO is the world’s safest baby bassinet! It imitates the calming sensations of a baby in the womb, allowing for your baby to sleep longer hours. I was so amazed by it’s technology, it’s sleek design, and the reviews of other parents. I knew with a newborn, we would need to maximize the amount of sleep we could get so I purchased the SNOO! After using the SNOO for one week with baby Chloe, we knew we had to share of its wonders so I reached out to Happiest Baby to collaborate on this post!

The Look

For starters, I love the sleek design of the SNOO. The natural and wooden finish will go with any interior design decor without clashing with it. I also love the size of the SNOO. It’s not as large as traditional cribs, making it easy to move around. However, the SNOO is heavier than it looks. This isn’t your ordinary flimsy bassinet.


The Technology Capabilities

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is equipped with sound sensors, wifi, speakers that emit white noise and a motor that rocks the baby at different levels depending on the noise your baby may emit. In 2020, if your baby furniture doesn’t have smart capabilities, is it really competitive? What I love about the SNOO is the app on my phone that allows me to start the SNOO, control the robotic motor, and see how long Chloe has been sleeping as well as the patterns of her sleep. This FAQ page shares more info on all the capabilities of the SNOO App

The Function

I’ll be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about the SNOO swaddle, especially for Chloe’s younger days. Although Chloe has been swaddled since birth in the hospital, the way the swaddle straps her arms alarmed me. However after watching and reading so many reviews, I realized the swaddle is necessary to keep baby feeling safe and protected. When Chloe is strapped in the SNOO, I can literally go downstairs and cook and entire meal without worrying if she’s safe. The SNOO app will tell me of her sleeping patterns or if Chloe needs my attention

I also love that it forces Chloe to sleep on her back for longer periods of time. The SNOO sack’s unique swaddle wings connect to the bed to prevent dangerous rolling (as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics). I noticed that anytime Chloe slept on her back while swaddled with ordinary blankets, she would maneuver her way out of the swaddle and end up scaring herself awake with her own limbs. The SNOO swaddle ensures this doesn’t happen. In addition, anytime your baby gets fussy, the robotic motor will respond and move faster. Should for any reason your baby not stop crying, the SNOO will stop and the app will tell you your baby needs your attention. This has happened to Chloe twice before.

The Price

The SNOO goes for a premium price at $1,295 but I was able to purchase it at 35% off during a Father’s Day Sale! While you may think the price is too much, getting some rest at night with a baby was worth the price in my opinion. The SNOO has given my husband and I the ability to leave baby unattended in the SNOO for hours to either get some sleep or complete tasks or chores around the house! In addition, SNOO is available for rent on their website as well!


Last Remarks

I absolutely love the SNOO and do feel like it was a great investment for our baby, and for the future babies to come. I would like to note that the SNOO works better if you introduce it to baby from birth. Babies tend to be creatures of habit. If you allow them to get used to the SNOO while newborns, they’ll love it more when they are as late as 6 months old. I’m not sure that babies who are already used to sleeping with their arms loose will enjoy the SNOO. It might be a bit difficult to adjust these babies. BUT IT CAN BE DONE!


If you’re interested in testing the SNOO for your little one, there are renting options available here or you can purchase the SNOO on Happiest Baby’s website


This post is in collaboration with Happiest Baby. All opinions are my own.




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  1. Mya
    November 20, 2020 / 3:44 am

    How was your baby after you used the snoo? I’m worried it might spoil the baby to always being rocked? What are your opinions on that. Will they learn to self soothe without the snoo?

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