All Dressed Up For Myself + Life Updates

Not waiting until there’s a major life event to dress up! Having life itself is a major life event!

Mr. Peprah Photography

What I’m Wearing:

Imad Eduso Set ; Christian Louboutin heels (old)

Waiting for the right moment to do something is riskier than just going for it.

Who’s to say the right moment will ever show up. I’m not suggesting you operate haphazardly, but waiting for the absolute perfect moment is like waiting for the devil to tell the truth.
There are opportune times, and then there are times you just want to sieze the moment. That’s what I’m doing here.

Why let a beautiful outfit collect dust in my closet when I can just wear it today. Isn’t today a gift to celebrate? I don’t need a MUA or stylist to make me celebrate today. God has been MARVELOUS to me. Imagine me and my family still alive amidst death.


What have I been unto while home?

  • I launched a modest clothing boutique called Fully Covered Still Fly! This was something I wanted to do for over five years. I’m grateful to God for the grace to launch it, as well as for it to be successful! Shop the launch, and get 15% OFF with code 15OFF
  • I’ve been into DIY projects lately. It’s a new hobby I picked up that I love so much! Check out my Youtube video on my latest one. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more!
  • I’m finishing up my book this month. God willing, it’ll be available for pre-order in June! This book is loaded! I share all of my testimonies holding nothing back, and I bring biblical truths concerning our identity in Christ, what the Lord thinks about our relationships, and His purpose for us post heart break!
  • Enjoying my time with hubby and Chloe. She’s reached quit a few milestones that I’ve been so grateful to be home to witness it!

What have ya’ll been up to? Please get ready for a lot of content this week and in June!! I’m back with much vim.

Stay covered and lifted! God bless and keep you x



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  1. Ifesdoman
    June 13, 2020 / 11:58 am

    I really enjoyed this post. I got self love out of it. Dressing up should be for ourselves and to glorify God.

    By the way, you look amazing!!!

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