Sunday Edit // An Update + What I’ve Been Loving Lately

A few random thoughts and products I am loving!

Mr. Peprah Photography


Dress: H&M ; Sandals: H&M (sold out) ; Hair: Hadassah Artistry

I’m getting in the habit of blogging again. It really is a task, trying to regularly update the blog and manage my very busy life. But anytime I slack off, I am reminded of the joy and contentment I receive in writing. And that always brings me back to the love I have for blogging. So that’s what we’ll keep doing!

Today in church my pastor preached on How to Walk in the Spirit taken from Galatians 5:16. It’s a continuation from last week’s message but you can check it out here. One of the ways to walk in the Spirit is to constantly pray in the Spirit. While I’ve received the baptism of Holy Spirit as evidence of speaking in tongues years ago, and while I pray in tongues often, I have to admit that the temptation to wait until I am ready and available to pray is real! His message reminded me to be praying in the spirit ALWAYS, whether I’m ready to or not. The perfect time to pray is always.

A few random products I’m loving:

TheraBreath Mouth Wash

My husband brought home a sample of this mouthwash from work and it made me dish all Act and Listerine in the trash! What I particularly love about this mouth wash is that it doesn’t leave that overbearing aftertaste in your mouth, yet really cleans your teeth and keeps your breath fresh all day long!

Skips Crisps (or chips as we call it in America)

These aren’t new to me. I’ve been eating these since I was 11 years old. I used to travel to London alll the time and eat these so you can only imagine how excited I was to discover they were available on Amazon!

Miss Kiss Beauty Kalm Lip Gloss

This has been my go to lip gloss for whenever I’m not wearing an annoying mask outside! Even without makeup on, its the perfect nuetral for darker lips.


Hoping to make these Sunday updates a habit. Until then, hope you all have an incredible week! Be blessed!


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