Feeling Most Beautiful While Pregnant – How I do It

A quick share of how I look my best while pregnant.

Wearing- Husband’s ShirtTarget Skirt  ; J. Crew loafersTalbots BagTom Ford Perfume

If you’ve been pregnant before, then you know how the physical and hormonal changes can make you feel, well… rather ugly. This second time around, I was a little more prepared for the challenges and dealt with them head on.

Here are a few things that have helped me feel beautiful and look my best while pregnant:

    1. Dress up often- pandemic or not, I’m wearing my good clothes (at least the ones that fit). I don’t wait for the right opportunity to get dressed. I dress up just because its Wednesday, and just because I like the outfit.
    2. Schedule at-home photoshoots- whenever you look good, take pictures! No need to look at photos of yourself before pregnancy and wish you were still skinny. Capture those moments bumping around looking beautiful for the memories and for the much needed reminders that pregnancy enhances your beauty!
    3. Wear perfume- let me admit I do this whether I am pregnant or not. My perfume collection is rather impressive. And yeah, pretty ridiculous but I only chose to use Tom Ford Velvet orchid because the bottle matched my outfit… and in case you’re wondering of the scent, the notes are rum, honey, mandarin and orange. One of my favorites!
    4. Spend time with people who think the world of you- for me those people are my family! whether its my husband calling me beautiful or my daughter playing with my belly button, I never feel insecure around them!

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