Creating My Second Registry with buybuy BABY

Sharing the perks of  creating my baby registry with buybuy BABY.

Can you believe we’re doing this again? By the grace of God, I am preparing spiritually, mentally and physically for my second child! I can’t ignore how incredibly blessed I am to carry yet another child; and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with one of my favorite stores- buybuy BABY- to talk about creating my baby registry.

With my first born, Chloe, I shared on Instagram how comfortable I was with cancelling my baby shower because I purchased and had received literally everything I needed and wanted from my buybuy BABY registry.

Most first time mothers have no clue how much  stuff a tiny bundle of love need until, well… it’s needed. So as a result, it can be difficult touching all bases when creating a complete baby registry.

Baby Registry Checklist

The baby registry checklist available on was so helpful when I first created a registry because I had no clue what I needed besides loads of diapers! Although I still have so many baby items from my first pregnancy, I knew there were some things that I needed to re-buy or to add to the new registry. The baby registry has helped me in organizing what products I needed vs. what products I already own!

Booking an Appointment to Help Manage Registry

I was able to schedule an appointment with an associate at buybuy BABY to get a review of some of the products I had placed on my registry. Since I’ll soon be a mother of two children under two, one of the most important items on my registry was a double stroller. The appointment with the buybuy BABY associate helped me finalize what brand of stroller I wanted and I learned how to navigate the many different features of the stroller.

Thanks for all of your double stroller suggestions on Instagram! We decided on the Uppa Baby Vista 2 !

Store & Curbside Pickup

I also love shopping my buybuy BABY registry because the store offers curbside pickup, which is convenient when shopping while pregnant with a toddler. I can easily order items for store pickup, drive to my closest buybuy BABY location, and an associate will bring out my purchases!

buybuy BABY app 

Another  thing I loved about creating my registry with buybuy BABY was the ease of selecting items from the store to add to my registry through the mobile app. During my appointment with an associate in store, I was able to physically see items that I didn’t know I needed. By scanning the product’s barcode through the mobile app, I quickly added more items to my registry!

Some of the items that I’ve received from my registry:

Pampers Swaddlers, Summer Infant Potty, Crane Humidifier

I am one step closer to welcoming our second bundle of joy into the world. My registry is now complete and I have been able to get quite a few pieces from buybuy BABY that I know will be needed.

If you’re expecting or in the middle of family planning, I highly recommend creating a baby registry through buybuy BABY. If what you need is for your baby, buybuy BABY is more than likely to offer it! So get to creating 🙂

This post is in collaboration with buybuy BABY. All opinions are my own.


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