Testimony Tuesday: Sharing my Recent Unfortunate Experience with my OBGYN #BlackMaternalHealth

The medical providers do not and should not have the final say. God does.

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First and foremost I want to apologize in advance for not disclosing my entire birth story by now. As mentioned on Instagram, I am waiting for my baby girl to be dedicated in the house of the Lord so that I can include her in the video.

But today I’d like to share a bit of my experience with my OBGYN while pregnant with my second born, Chrissy. As you may recall from my first birth story, I gave birth to Chloe by way of c-section. The experience wasn’t mentally easy for me; but in the end, I give glory to God for the life and complete health of my daughter!

Initially unbeknownst to me, medical literature advises mothers who want a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) to wait at least 18 months between births. Because I was not aware of the risks of conceiving too soon after my c-section, we got pregnant when our first child was only 8 months old.

I transferred to a practice that came highly recommended for VBACs and when I shared with the new doctor my desire to give birth vaginally, she agreed and let me sign a VBAC consent form. However, while in my third trimester- 33 weeks pregnant, I was told I would not be allowed to have a VBAC and I would be required to be induced in 6 weeks- when I was 39 weeks pregnant.

I was so distraught. At the time,  I was under so much pressure at work and taking care of a clingy toddler. There were other things happening in my life that needed my attention as well so I was pretty angry that the practice would change their mind right before my due date.

I started scrambling for new practices to transfer to while at 34 weeks. However, due to my case and how far I was in my pregnancy most practices denied my desire to transfer. It wasn’t until the Lord divinely connected me to this angel of a doula who referred me to a practice that accepted my transfer and gave me the ability to TOLAC (which means trial of labor after cesarean).

I don’t want to disclose too much of my birth story as I am reserving the details for the video c, but I do want to encourage birthing people, especially black mamas who feel like their concerns are not heard and/or met at their practices. JUST TRANSFER. The rate of black maternal mortality in the United States is too high to be careless with your life.

Besides… Medical providers are not treating you free of charge. Whether you pay insurance premiums or not, medical providers get paid for every visit you have with them. And nobody, regardless of how many letters are attached to the end of their name, should carelessly handle your life especially when they did not create it.

I am of the school of thought that medicine and the medical field is a blessing and gift from God. I frequent medical practices often, take medicine and support our healthcare system any chance I get. My husband is in healthcare and I am inspired by the work he does daily. So this isn’t a post to bash the medical field. Yet it does need some work !

The smartest surgeons and latest medical developments do not have the final say. Medical providers, in my opinion, are trained to be risk adverse and mindful of their medical reputations. Some are also overworked, and others are discriminatory. This is the reason why we must place our faith in God and not in medical providers. We must do our due diligence and research our own cases. We must ask all questions that come to mind and speak up when something doesn’t feel right. And in conclusion, we MUST transfer whenever we feel like our lives and our wellbeing are invaluable to those providers who are entrusted to take care of us.

Advocate for yourself more in 2021.




  1. April 13, 2021 / 4:36 pm

    Thanks for sharing. Im so glad you transferred and God intervened. He really hears our cry. Can’t wait to here birth story #2

  2. Helen
    April 14, 2021 / 12:55 pm

    “And nobody, regardless of how many letters are attached to the end of their name, should carelessly handle your life especially when they did not create it.“
    This!!! Can’t wait to hear the full broth story and thank God you were able to transfer

  3. Ahema Asare
    April 15, 2021 / 1:34 am

    Great post. It can apply to all medical conditions when it comes to people of color. You must always and foremost advocate for yourself and if you cannot, assign someone who can. And yes I believe in transferring for any reasons that gives you any bad feeling. All clinicians are paid……take your money, body and business to a compassionate person who will listen and hear you.

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