Outdated & Still Fly


Apparently my style is outdated and telling of my age.


Mr. Peprah Photography


Blazer: Here ; Shirt: Here ; Jeans: HereShoes: HereBag: CelineSunglasses: Here 

I read an article last week that said Gen Z’s are telling millennials to stop wearing skinny jeans because apparently the style is no longer in style.


What’s also interesting is I don’t recall millennials asking Gen Z’s for style tips …

What I know to be true is that I’ll never stopped wearing skinny jeans because they are flattering on women with bigger legs just like me. And while I absolutely love the mom jeans, wide leg jeans and oversized blazer trends, they are exactly that- TRENDS. Their days are numbered, and then Gen 123 or whatever generation should follow will call them tacky and outdated! 

In conclusion, if my style in these photos are telling of my age, SURPRISE… YES I’M IN MY 30s and not trying to be any other age, hahaha!




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