Testimony Tuesday: He Cares More Than You Think

The Sovereignty of God does not equal The Apathy of God.

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God’s Sovereignty. For the purpose of this blog post, let us define the Sovereignty of God to mean the Lordship of God. The absolute truth that He is  Lord of All Creation and In control of All Things.

But when we talk about the Sovereignty of God, we have to also have to talk about the fact that God is in Absolute Control of Everything. And Everything includes Bad things, too.

Regardless of our ability to understand why things happen, God is and always will be in control. Nothing happens without Him allowing it to happen.

If the above were not true, God would not be the Supreme All-Knowing God. There would be no reason to worship Him. We might as well carry on with the rest of the world with pagan worship.

But God’s Sovereignty does not mean He’s an apathetic God. God is not a god who is not concerned with the troubles of His people. Although He is in control of All things, He has no intentions to harm us. It does not please God that we should have troubles in life.

But the troubles are sometimes necessary…

I don’t think it’s fair to God to conclude that He caused the troubles in your life without finding out the cause and/or the necessity of the troubles.

If you’re going to rightfully assume that God is Sovereign and in control of the woes of your life, please go a step further and find out why.

I believe you’ll be delightfully surprised to discover what God has to say on the matter.

A few weeks ago I was hit with more unfortunate news. Disturbing news, to be honest. But because I’ve been hearing unfortunate news for the past year, my reaction shocked me. I didn’t cry- although crying would have been an appropriate reaction. I didn’t curse God. I didn’t loaf in the news and ask “why me?” in  a shallow and ignorant way.

But I did ask God why. And He answered me because I was mature enough to receive what He had to say.

So I asked God what is the cause of this news. What have I done to bring such news. And furthermore, what do you want me to learn about this experience.

Long story short I received so much peace from the response of the Spirit of God. In addition to peace, I got my answer. And I’m grateful.

Today I want to encourage you to understand that God’s Sovereignty does not equal God’s Apathy. He’s a God Who is perfectly intentional about your life. And I love that about God.

He is a caring God. He cares for you and it brings Him great joy to reveal His intentions for your life and for your pain. But you do have to be prepared for the answer.

Draw close to God and find out His mind concerning your life. That comes with an intimate relationship with Jesus. And intimacy with Jesus comes by reading the bible and praying often. Like every day. 💜


For who has understood the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ. 1 Corinthians 2:16



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