Testimony Tuesday: Sacrificing Good for Best

God wants me to let you know that He has the best for you. Sacrifice the good.

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I am really busy these days. For this reason, I almost did not upload this post. But testimony Tuesday posts are part of the ministry Christ has given me so when I don’t write them I feel so inadequate. But today I want to get a little vulnerable with you as I do so often on the blog.

This year, lots of changes occurred in my life that made me understand just how much God loves to give perfect gifts to His children. I’m reminded of this social media post that has been circulating the net quite a lot:

Now I don’t know who that white man is but for the sake of today’s post let’s pretend that is actually Jesus for a moment.

Time and time again, we find ourselves settling for bad and good instead of waiting and accepting God’s best. It’s the reason we often find ourselves in terrible intimate relationships, staying at toxic but secure jobs, and entertaining people or things that aren’t actually good for us.

This year I made a scary transition from one location to the next and it showed me just how silly it was for me to fear leaving a place God was commanding me to leave in the first place. Without getting into much details, I realized with that transition that God doesn’t call us to sacrifice something, someone or someplace without replacing it with His very best for you.

This past Sunday I preached about Mary and Martha and how Mary chose the best Thing (staying at the feet of Jesus) while her sister Martha chose a good thing (serving and making dinner).

Truth is, God will not curse you for deciding to settle for good things. If you settle, like the little girl above does with a small teddy bear, you’ll have just that: a small teddy bear. But you’ll never know the joy and fulfillment that comes with a large teddy bear with a large bow.

When I look at the above depiction of Jesus asking the little girl to sacrifice her bear, I also see that He isn’t showing her why He’s asking her to give up her bear. And isn’t that so telling of Jesus? He doesn’t always reveal the entirety of what He is trying to do in your life. He is just looking for your faith and obedience.

I believe God honors our faith and our obedience to Christ even when we are fearful in obeying. Because it tells God that we trust Him with our lives and with our desires and we know He won’t harm us.

I’ve been hearing the Spirit of the Lord tell me all morning that some of you are afraid to give up certain relationships in your life because of not only fear but because you lack faith-

  1. faith that God is really asking you to let it go
  2. faith that you actually deserve God’s best
  3. faith that God has a best for you
  4. faith that you’ll be okay without the relationship

I want to encourage you to tase and see that the Lord is good. He has the absolute best things in store for you. He loves you and He cares for you. He wants you to prosper and live an abundant life. But that comes with obedience and sacrifice. Whatever you’ve been putting off that God has commanded you to let go of, LET IT GO.

I’m here to let you know that it is safe and sound to do so.




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  1. Valerie
    July 6, 2021 / 12:53 pm

    I really needed this word. God bless you so much for sharing.
    Love from Ghana x0

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