How to Hang Pictures Diagonally

What you’ll need:

  • Frames of your choice.
  • Prints ( I used 18×24 from Optimal Print)
  • Push pins ( or a hammer and nails)
  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • pen
  • Ladder

I’ve been trying to get around to this project for almost a year. The delay was finding both affordable frames, as well as affordable prints. I’ve collaborated with companies like Framebridge in the past so I know how expensive gallery walls can be. But I was determined to DIY a gallery wall to cut on costs and show you that you too can create a beautiful home with a modest budget. This diagonal wall can be created with more quality frames and prints. But if you’re interested in cutting costs, follow below:

1. You’ll need craft/packing paper, or really any kind of paper that is as large as the frames you’ll be hanging. I bought craft paper from the Dollar Tree for $1, but if you’re hanging say 8×10 frames, obviously printing paper will do the trick. Trace your frames on crafting paper and cut out as many as you have frames.

2. Thankfully enough, these frames are “flimsy” enough to be held with push pins. Not sure this is a long term solution- but it’s what I like to call handyman/handywoman tips for dummies. If your frames are heavier, go ahead and swap out pushpins for the hammer and nail option. You’ll want to secure the traced out craft paper to your wall.

3. If your frames have just one hook in the back like mine, you don’t need a level. But if yours have two adjacent hooks, be sure to measure and level so that you’re not hanging lopsided frames.

4. I measured each frame 4 1/2 inches wide x 6 1/2 inches tall away from each other so that the frames were uniform. ( And when it became a nuisance to measure I winged it just like I do with lots of things in life except Salvation. You should contact me at if you don’t know Who Jesus is…yup you came here for goods but I came here for the Gospel. Boom.)

5. Secure your cut out craft papers onto the wall to your liking. Once you have all the craft papers up on the wall, rip them off,  leaving the top pushpin in place. Then hang frames onto the thumbtacks.

Total costs of this project: $89.80 (somewhere are $100 if you add taxes)


Frames- $8 each, $40 total

Pictures: $9.56 each, $47.80 total

Craft paper: $1

Pushpins: $1

It really is this simple! Hope this was helpful to you.

PS- for more success, have one or two people help! Let me know if you DIY your own gallery wall with the help of this post.


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