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Not planned but so far looking good.

My family and I booked a last minute trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands after we realized my husband’s renewed passport would not come on time to travel to our original destination. Due to the July 4th holiday, it was almost impossible to find accommodations and rentals. All hotels were booked but we were able to secure one of the last AirBNB’s in St. Thomas.

To be honest, I didn’t book this trip with any excitement as I really wanted an all inclusive stay like the one we originally planned. Furthermore, I knew the AirBNB we booked wasn’t close to much so I didn’t think we would enjoy ourselves as much. I know, such pessimistic thoughts. 

When we got to the AirBNB we were pretty surprised with how beautiful and updated the apartment was. Apparently we were the first guests to stay at the apartment. Our hosts hooked us up with lots of snacks, coffee, kitchen appliances and toiletries-which we more than likely would not have been gifted at an ordinary hotel.  

The first thing I like to do when staying at AirBNBs or hotels is lay out all of my outfits for my stay. I don’t really like living out of suitcases or bags so I try to get situated as soon as possible. (As many articles I read about visiting St. Thomas and under packing, I still managed to bring a much of clothes I did not wear).

Then I like to organize our itinerary for the duration of our stay. This is typically done before our travels but since we booked this last minute, I needed to do it at the AirBNB.

These cookies given to us by our host were the bomb diggity…so much that I ordered four packs off Amazon for our own home. You can get them here.

I’ll be posting a few blog posts about our stay so come back to my blog daily for updates!


Hat: hereDress: H&M (old) ; Shoes: hereBag: here ; Luggage: Calpak


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