What I Wore to Dinner in Red Hook, St. Thomas USVI

A Thai dinner night out.

Sunglasses: FCSFDress: FCSF ; Bag: FCSFSandals: Target

On this night, we made our way to the Red Hook area on the island of St. Thomas. This area is a strip of restaurants and bars where lots of tourists come to dine, as well to dock the yachts/boats to the island of St. John.

We ate at Saki House Sushi Thai Restaurant which offers asian cuisine at an average price… well if I’m honest, the prices were a bit high for Thai cuisine. We ordered 1 Thai iced tea, 1 water, massaman curry, and fried rice and chicken wings; and our order came up to $46. I’m a big Thai eater so I know how much their food is typically priced. In any event, the food was cheaper than the restaurant we went to the night before so we weren’t too disappointed! The waitresses were extremely hospitable and even shared good rapport with the locals who came in. The food was pretty tasteful and came out within minutes of us ordering.

I wore an all orange ensemble- this orange shirt dress from my boutique, paired with a lighter color orange bag and orange and pink slide sandals for a comfortable look! Under normal circumstances, I would have worn heels but I knew my husband would have preferred to walk around after dinner- which is exactly what we did!


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