Not Sorry in Advance

Not apologizing for the new style direction I’m taking.

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Vest: Zara (sold out) ; Jeans: H&M (sold out) ; Shoes: ZaraBag: Chanel

Recently my knees have been hurting me.

A reminder that the days of my youth have vanished; just like my waistline. … My knee aches are clearly an indication that I’m an old head. Interestingly enough being in my thirties didn’t get me to this point… the pain felt in my knees did.

This pain has forced me to settle into my age. I can’t live in the days of my youth anymore. Just need to accept what is. That I’m an old head. And one thing about old heads, (well most old heads), things are done with purpose and intentionality. No tolerance for nonsense, or fast fashion since we are on a fashion blog.

After giving birth to my second born, I’ve decided to go a new direction with my style. While I LOVE a great trend, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing trendy fast fashion any longer. I’m buying only quality moving forward. So if you see constant repeats of clothes, sorry not sorry.

Oddly enough, this enlightenment has caused me to think different about Fully Covered Still Fly as well. While fast fashion sells- not sure its the direction I want to go moving forward.

So anticipate a big sale and probably a “mini close” until I regroup with my team ( my husband and children lol). And hopefully I can provide an update thereafter.

Did I say thank you for your support of me throughout the years? Thank you. I bless God for you.


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  1. Tonia
    August 7, 2021 / 11:49 am

    Love this direction! My husband hates when I buy into fast fashion he says they don’t last long and I end up having to buy more again. I am trying to curate a capsule wardrobe with good quality, timeless pieces. Looking forward to seeing what you do as well!

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