A List of My Favorite Thrift, Consignment and Pre-Loved Stores/Sites to Shop

If you’re going to shop, shop the smart way 😉


Sunglasses: Fully Covered Still Fly  (now on sale 50% off) ; Cardigan: Tory Burch via Consignment Originals ; White Shirt: Banana Republic FactoryJeans: Abercrombie via Marshall’s ; Sneakers: Sincerely Jules via TJ Maxx ; Bag: Balenciaga via Fashionphile

Before we spill the beans on my favorite shops to buy pre-loved, consigned, and thrifted items I want to let you all know where my love for second hand came from. For as early as I can remember (maybe middle school?) I loved designer clothes. I used to save my lunch money just to buy Pepe jeans, Lot29, Rockawear and Baby Phat (yes very telling of the era I grew up in.) But as I grew older, my love for urban designer clothes shifted to a love for more expensive designer clothes. In my senior year of high school, I began wearing Tory Burch, Burberry, Gucci, and Juicy Couture. And here’s the thing- my parents weren’t buying designer for me. I’d work part-time jobs and spend all of my income on clothes. Very smart, I know… As I grew wiser and more knowledgeable of financial literacy, I stopped buying brand new designer and started looking out for second- hand designer! Now, being blessed to buy designer at retail prices, I still prefer to save coins and buy second hand.

The summer before I started college, I worked for the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and discovered a consignment shop called Hidden Treasures. It was there I found that I could purchase use, yet top quality designer items for a fraction of the retail price. The game changed after that, my friends. And that what sparked my quest to find consignment stores in every new city I moved to, and in every season of my life! Over the years, I have discovered some of the very best thrift, consignment and second hand shops/sites. So today I’ll be sharing my list with you, starting with online sites:

Best Online Sites to Shop Pre-Loved:

  1. Fashionphile
  2. INA NYC
  3. The Real Real
  4. Tradesy
  5. Poshmark
  6. Depop
  7. ThredUP

Best Consignment Shops in NYC

  1. Second Time Around
  2. INA NYC
  3. Buffalo Exchange
  4. Crossroads

Best Consignment/Thrift Shops in CT

  1. Consignment Originals- Orange, CT
  2. Platos Closet- Milford,CT
  3. Savers – Orange, CT
  4. The Real Real – Greenwich, CT
  5. Designer Laber Consignment – Westport, CT
  6. Goodwill- specifically Westport, shelton  & Fairfield locations

Best Children Consignment/Thrift Shops in CT

  1. Savers – Orange, CT
  2. Once Upon a Child- Milford, CT
  3. Twice as Nice Consignment- Hamden, CT
  4. Good as New – New Haven, CT


I’ve shopped at/been to every single shop listed above so you can trust that they’re good ones. And if you don’t live in NYC/CT or in close proximity, just google search the locations I mentioned. Many of these stores have multiple locations around the U.S. and might even have one in your neighborhood! And if you’re spooky about wearing pre-loved, always search TJX Companies for designer. Right now T.J. Maxx’s The Runway is my go-to for brand-new designer for a fraction of retail price!

Make sure you’re following me on Youtube. I’ll be sharing a video on my favorite consignment finds and at the discounted price! Happy Smart Shopping.



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