How We’re Planning for Our Children’s Higher Education


Everyone needs to know about the CHET Baby Scholars Program.

It’s such a blessing to raise children, I think most people know that. But in addition to it being a blessing, it is also a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Before having children, I thought and prayed long and hard about the kind of life I wanted for my children. I thought about how I would prepare them for the real world and how I would be intentional about educating them about finances and money in general. 

Growing up, my parents blessed me with so many opportunities to travel, join organizations and community programs, and simply enjoy my childhood. When I started college, my mother was able to give me some money towards my first semester and towards my books. However, she always let me know that she wished she and my father did more to prepare for my higher education.

As a result, I told myself that I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I would prepare for my children early with as much as I could afford to. With my first-born Chloe, we initiated these efforts the moment we found out we were pregnant. Even today, we contribute to her bank accounts, adding every monetary gift she receives from loved ones! 

We continued the same tradition with Chrissy, increasing the amount we contributed to both our children’s accounts monthly! As a Connecticut resident, I am so grateful for the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET)! The CHET Baby Scholars program helps Connecticut parents jump start their newborn’s higher education savings account with a $100 bonus! Connecticut residents who join the CHET Baby Scholars program before their child’s first birthday will receive a $100 bonus to their account. Children who are adopted are also eligible if they start the program before the one-year anniversary of their adoption.

If you’re a CT parent and you’re interested in the CHET Baby Scholars program, click this link: CHET BABY SCHOLARS PROGRAM

I’m excited for you to join me in preparing towards our children’s higher education! After all, they ARE THE FUTURE so we must prepare for it!

This blog post is sponsored by Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET). All opinions are my own!



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