My Top Must Have Products for Fussy Babies!

Every mama needs these products in her arsenal!

Any parent will tell you – one of the most difficult parts of parenthood is caring for a fussy baby. Yes, sure it can be physically challenging but that’s typically not what makes it so difficult. It’s no easy task watching your little bundle of joy be upset. You more than likely always wish you could take his or her place. Since it’s impossible to do so, the next best thing is to be fully prepared to nurse the baby back to good spirits. Here are a few products I like to keep on hand for the fussy days.

1.Mommy’s Bliss Original Gripe Water

Three weeks after giving birth to Chloe, she became fussy and gassy. My mother encouraged me to buy Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water and give it to her. It worked so well, I ended up buying several bottles for every room in the house. The organic ginger and fennel work together to gently break up uncomfortable gas bubbles and bring relief to upset tummies.


  1. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Gel

Much like the original Gripe Water, the gel easies gas, fussiness, and colic. However, the gel in my opinion is an easier application especially when on-the-go. It uses the same formula, but with no syringes. Just apply to your clean finger or Baby’s paci and give on the inside of their cheek! You’ll definitely need this in your car and diaper bags! I always keep one in the car and I wouldn’t leave home without it. 


  1. Humidifier

A humidifier is a great must-have regardless if you have children. It purifies and adds moisture to the air within your home, which allows everyone to breathe better, cleaner air, and calms the baby!


  1. Steam Bath + Pampering

Steam helps babies breathe better and become more relaxed. Bathing babies in warm water (make sure it isn’t too hot to burn baby) and including an infant massage keeps them at ease, and allows them to sleep better! I find that Chloe’s sleep is more restful and undisturbed on nights that we do a steam bath + massage. 


In a perfect world, babies (and moms!) would stay happy at all times. But when reality hits, and Baby needs a little relief, the above tips are my go-to’s and truly bring us BOTH back to a peaceful state. After all, a happy baby = a happy mama! 



This post is in collaboration with Mommy’s Bliss. All opinions are my own!



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