Fully Covered (Especially Because It’s Cold), Still Fly

Wearing one from the archives.


Coat: Mango ; Set: Fully Covered Still Fly (old) ; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik ; Bag: Senreve ; Sunglasses: Fully Covered Still Fly

Well since I pulled out the archives, that is Fully Covered Still Fly, I suppose I should address what exactly happened to my boutique. The short answer? I cannot effectively run and manage it right now so I shut it down for a season. The Long answer ?…

A few months ago the Lord told me to consolidate my Instagram pages ( @cmariekwarteng , @christinakwarteng1 , @fullycoveredstillfly). I really had no idea why God wanted me to consolidate a business page, a ministry page, and a personal brand page, but I obeyed. I try my best to operate effectively, yet separately in every area and responsibility of my life. I know God has called me to marketplace ministry, the fivefold ministry and to entrepreneurship but the target audiences in each are all very much different. As a result, I’ve always tried to use wisdom in how I show up and operate in these environments.

Entrepreneurship is hard. Very very hard. Owning a business is extremely tough. And when you have to do it alone it can seem almost impossible. Last year after giving birth to my second born, I quit my job (after over 12 years of having worked in a corporate setting). I took on a leadership role in my new place of fellowship, and I was focusing on my new life as a stay at home mother who also works in the influencer industry. It was a lot.

I always wanted to bring new collections to Fully Covered Still Fly but I literally didn’t have the capacity to source for vendors, test out clothing, model the clothing and do all of the administrative work needed to manage it well. So I made the very difficult decision after praying extensively about it to close the business down.

Honestly I should have closed it earlier, but pride wouldn’t allow me to. I didn’t want to seem like a failure. My business was prospering. Even as late as 3 days ago, someone emailed me requesting to order something from my business they could no longer find! The thought of having started a business that no longer exists truly pained me. But unfortunately this is not the season for me to be a leader in church, a mother to two, a content creator, an influencer, a wife AND a boutique owner. I know that, God willing, one day I will relaunch FCSF . Hopefully one day is in the near future. But until then, it’ll be in my sweetest of memories!

All the same, I’ll keep you posted on where God takes me and my businesses!



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  1. February 21, 2022 / 11:31 am

    Thank you for sharing Sis! God has me in the same season of limiting what I can devote my time and effort to in this season. This season for me is all about being the best wife and mother I can be, and focusing on supporting my husbands business. When we do certain things is more important than what we actually do. God birthed something beautiful and promising in FCSF through you – your obedience in pausing will allow God to prepare you with what is needed to properly execute and sustain. I am cheering you on ♥️

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