BBNA ’24: A Kingdom Woman’s Guide to Kingdom Wealth

The 3rd annual BBNA Conference is happening on Saturday July 6th. Tickets are limited but now available.

I’m excited to announce the theme and guest speakers for the 3rd annual Broken But Not Ashamed Conference!

On Saturday, July 6, 2024 at noon, the 3rd annual BBNA Conference will take place. The theme the Lord gave me this year is “A Kingdom Woman’s Guide to Kingdom Wealth.” 

How did I come up with the theme?

Last year, my pastor privately gave me a prophetic word about two things the Lord wanted to accomplish through me. I don’t take prophecies lightly. When God speaks to me through a prophet and I receive confirmation through prayer, I act immediately. After much thought and prayer, God instructed me to host a conference for women where the “wells of wealth” will be unlocked.

Did I struggle with the theme? Yes, I did, especially since I have not yet attained the wealth reserved for me. However, with the guidance of the Spirit of God, I feel more than qualified to not only host this conference but also teach on the topic. God has been leading me through the Holy Scriptures, providing me with profound revelations about wealth.

Additionally, I know some incredibly blessed women who are graced with wealth and whom I have invited to share their wisdom at the conference.

When and Where is the conference located?

The conference will take place on Saturday, July 6th, starting promptly at 12 PM, at 2226 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport, CT. It’s just an hour from NYC and easily accessible from Massachusetts as well. The entrance is on Whittier Street, where you’ll find a parking lot. If the lot is full, additional parking is available at the US Post Office across the street on Fairfield Avenue.

It’s very important to arrive on time, as the conference schedule is packed with various workshops and speeches. This event is not just for fellowship; each session will provide valuable knowledge and grace. Please plan to arrive by 11:45 AM, as the conference will begin exactly at 12 PM.

Who are the guest speakers?

Olubukola , keynote speaker

Dr. Hilda, workshop facilitator & panelist

Wura, workshop facilitator & panelist

Guest speakers full bio to follow.

How much is the conference?

The cost of attending the conference is $50 per person, but with Eventbrite fees, the total comes to $55.20. Historically, I have funded the entire conference myself, allowing attendees to participate for free. However, many registrants have previously promised to attend and then failed to show up, which has significantly impacted the event’s logistics and planning. This conference incurs substantial costs, including guest speaker fees, travel expenses, catering, and all necessary materials and decorations. To ensure that I can continue to offer a high-quality experience for all participants, I am now charging a nominal fee. This will help cover the essential expenses and encourage a more committed attendance, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

What can I expect on the day of the conference?

You can look forward to a rich and inspiring experience designed to empower and uplift. The schedule includes engaging wealth workshops that provide practical strategies for financial growth and stewardship, as well as impactful keynote speeches from renowned speakers who will share their insights and wisdom. We will have praise and worship sessions, fostering a spiritual atmosphere of gratitude and reflection. A variety of food options will be available, ensuring everyone is well-nourished throughout the day. Additionally, there will be vendors offering unique products and services, and so many opportunities for fellowship with other women who are dedicated to pursuing wealth with the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God. Trust me- this conference promises to be a day of learning, connection, and most importantly spiritual growth!

Can I bring my children?

Children are typically not allowed at the conference. However, if you have an infant/toddler that you need to bring, we will make an exception. Kindly email us at to let us know the age of your child(ren).

Are there opportunities to vendor?

Yes, there are two vendor slots left for those interested in showcasing their products or services at the conference. If you would like to apply for a vendor slot, please contact us at for more details.

I am not a woman/ I cannot attend but want to support. How can I?
If you are unable to attend the conference but still want to support, there are several ways you can help. Please keep the conference in prayer. You can share the conference flyer with your network to spread the word, sponsor a ticket for someone who would benefit from attending, or make a donation via this link here. All forms of support are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Thank you for helping us make this event a success!
I want to attend but cannot afford to pay. What do I do?
Please email us
Where can I register?
Please register HERE

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