Testimony Tuesday: My Neighbor “Fu#%*ng Hates Me”

Remembering the words of Jesus while experiencing hatred first hand.

Testimony Tuesday: Thou Shall Not Covet…

Learning to be careful of the sin of covetousness while on social media.

Testimony Tuesday: Life After Death

An open womb after 8 years of barrenness and losing a mother.

Testimony Tuesday: A Father to the Fatherless

My earthly father is gone, but my Heavenly Father still remains.

Testimony Tuesday: ‘Post It’ Or It Never Happened

If you don’t broadcast it, does it really exist? // The spiritual implications behind my decisions to not post “bae.”

Testimony Tuesday: Be Kind to Strangers

Just because you don’t know them doesn’t mean they don’t know you.

Testimony Tuesday: There’s only a Pillar of Salt Behind …

The only time you should look back is while praying to and worshipping God.