Testimony Tuesday: The Time Showing Love Almost Got Me Killed

I could see the Breaking News now: NYC native young girl dies from head trauma after brick is thrown threw her window.

Testimony Tuesday: The Graceful Walk of Rejection

Rejection may come, yes. But accept it gracefully, while using discernment.

Testimony Tuesday: Foe turned into Friend

When your ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend turns into your sister.

Testimony Tuesday: Christians Do Too Much

How my encounter with a married man taught me how to be extra in my Christian walk.

Testimony Tuesday: Your Dreams Aren’t For Everyone

In the upcoming year, I am mastering the art of keeping my dreams to myself.

Testimony Tuesday: A Seat at my Own Table

Why starve on someone else’s table when I can eat on my own?

Testimony Tuesday: Being a Christian in Your Finances

Outfit details: Shoes: here ; Pants: here  (now 50%); Top: Here; Belt: here ; Cape: love this one