Testimony Tuesday: #JusticeforJunior

After two weeks, I’m finally speaking on the tragedy that occurred in the Bronx, NY.

Testimony Tuesday: Should Christians Wear Purple Hair?

Should Christians participate in certain trends?

Testimony Tuesday: The REAL Role of the Woman

… because the nature of the godly woman is contrary to the nature of the women of the world.

Testimony Tuesday: How Do You Know He’s the One

The number one question I get asked concerning my relationship.

Testimony Tuesday: Breakdown Before Breakthrough

The struggle is always the greatest right before the breakthrough.

Testimony Tuesday: Surrendering All, Including Our Understanding of God

Understanding that you’ll never fully understand the ways of God…

Testimony Tuesday: What is That To You?

  …a.k.a. mind your damn business.

Can Any Good Thing Come From the South Bronx

Sharing my story of how I began to accept my background and the place in which I came from.