Testimony Tuesday: What is That To You?

  …a.k.a. mind your damn business.

Can Any Good Thing Come From the South Bronx

Sharing my story of how I began to accept my background and the place in which I came from.

Testimony Tuesday: Can You Please God and Still Offend Others?

Doing God’s Will won’t always win you the popularity award.

Testimony Tuesday: There’s Only a Pillar of Salt Behind …

The only time to look back is when you’re thanking God for where He has brought you from?

Testimony Tuesday: I Found the Key to Impressing God

    The key to impressing God is more simple than you think… Sharing my recent revelation and a bit more about my Rachael Ray…

Testimony Tuesday: Stop Asking God for Answers He’s Given …

….how much spiritual ground are you covering in asking for things you already have been given?

Testimony Tuesday: How to Manage Your Emotions

What I’ve learned about my emotions.