Testimony Tuesday: My Salvation Story

The story of how I came to give my life to Christ.

Testimony Tuesday: Is Debt Part of God’s Plan For …

Sharing my- what seems to be- never ending story of debt.

Testimony Tuesday: I’m Really Quiet Today

When you find yourself going through something you ALWAYS criticize. Time to take a bite out of the humble pie.

Testimony Tuesday: How God Moved On My Behalf After 30 Days …

I took the Word of God and ran with it.  When I arrived, I came with a testimony.

Testimony Tuesday: The Lesson & Message in Messy Situations

So many narratives about separation and isolation; very few about remaining in uncomfortable environments.

Testimony Tuesday: [Story Time] You Shall Know Them By Their …

That ugly moment when the Holy Spirit shows you that you’re not allowing Him to produce His fruit in you.

Testimony Tuesday: Support Small Business

I’ve got nothing today, but just to support small businesses.

Testimony Tuesday: My First Lesson As A Business Owner

The first lesson I learned doing business:Don’t expect people to support you just because you supported them.