Dressing for the occasion; Russian weather, Russian style.

Saturday Chores in the Cadillac House

Always on the go, yet today forcing myself to be productive AT HOME. Sharing today’s to-do list with you.

Learn How To: Shop Without Money, Part …

So maybe you can’t physically get to a store to sell your items? I’m giving you alternative options on how to shop without spending a…

Floral Garden

This blouse is going to be in heavy rotation for the next few months.

Follow the Manual

Realizing I wore this blouse all wrong while searching the link to purchase it.

Testimony Tuesday: ‘Post It’ Or It Never …

If you don’t broadcast it, does it really exist? // The spiritual implications behind my decisions to not post “bae.”

Sunday’s Best: The Ever So Coveted …

Remember when everyone wanted this skirt and it sold out almost over night?

Off Duty

Quick and easy weekend wear // Happy Saturday.