When and Where to be Modest: Prioritizing Wisdom over Settings

…And reflecting on how my shift in fashion causes me to cast judgment on others.

epistle no. 11- When in Doubt, Go to God

What John the Baptist taught me about experiencing doubt in my Christian walk.

Here is One Secret to Receiving Everything God Promised You

Stewarding the gift of children well comes with the most amazing results.

Epistle No. 10- Are You Doing Too Much for Christ?

A question every believer should be asking themself.

Epistle No. 8- The Importance of the Inconsequential

How do you approach the inconsequential things in life?

Epistle No. 5 – Perceiving the Present, Forgetting the Past

…Because Jesus did the same on the cross.

Epistle No. 4- The “Unsubmitted” Areas

Just when you thought Jesus was your Lord, He shows you areas of your life you haven’t made Him Lord over.