Testimony Tuesday: One of the Most Valuable Lessons I Learned …

The most frustrating part about my entire wedding season was learning the lesson God orchestrated for me to learn.

Testimony Tuesday: How Do You Know He’s the One

The number one question I get asked concerning my relationship.

Testimony Tuesday: Can You Please God and Still Offend Others?

Doing God’s Will won’t always win you the popularity award.

My Worship Playlist

Sharing songs that usher me into staying the right spirit for the week.

Happy New Year! #ad

If you’re reading this, then smile because we made it!

Testimony Tuesday: I Found the Key to Impressing God

    The key to impressing God is more simple than you think… Sharing my recent revelation and a bit more about my Rachael Ray…

Testimony Tuesday: Stop Asking God for Answers He’s Given …

….how much spiritual ground are you covering in asking for things you already have been given?

What You Hide Hinders Your Growth

Is your life really your own to choose for it to be private?