Coach x Bazaar Event

​​​​ Thank you to Harper’s Bazaar for inviting us to check out the Coach Spring Collection!


Dressing for the occasion; Russian weather, Russian style.

Learn How To: Shop Without Money, Part ii

So maybe you can’t physically get to a store to sell your items? I’m giving you alternative options on how to shop without spending a…

Testimony Tuesday: A Father to the Fatherless

My earthly father is gone, but my Heavenly Father still remains.

Learn How to: Shop Without Money (Part I)

Finally sharing with you how I shop without spending money.

Follow the Manual

Realizing I wore this blouse all wrong while searching the link to purchase it.

The Trenches

Gotta love those multi-purpose pieces in your wardrobe.

Sunday’s Best: The Ever So Coveted A-Line

Remember when everyone wanted this skirt and it sold out almost over night?