Tom Girl

J.Crew won me over on the uptown- bound 5 train.

New York, New York

Because I’m from New York City.


 Patriot (n.)- a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

Testimony Tuesday: Your Dreams Aren’t For Everyone

In the upcoming year, I am mastering the art of keeping my dreams to myself.

Testimony Tuesday: A Seat at my Own Table

Why starve on someone else’s table when I can eat on my own?

Happy Holidays

A holiday look for you! Eddy Anemian x H&M Top (old, but love this), Banana Republic Pants, DVF Pumps, Michele Watch


The look everyone can appreciate. Peplum Top: here, Trousers: here, Bag: Here, Shoes: Here, Lipstick: Here, Watch: Here

Testimony Tuesday: Reason #7 Why I Don’t Accept Handouts

 Discerning when to accept gifts and services and when not to accept.